Android 手动启动带Root功能的Android模拟器


Android 模拟器路径

在安装完Android SDK后,在SDK路径下有一个emulator目录:


该目录下有一个 emulator.exe ,通过它能启动模拟器



.\emulator.exe -list-avds




执行如下命令,可以启动指定的Android模拟器(Pixel_XL_API_31), -writable-system 表示带root功能

.\emulator.exe -writable-system -avd Pixel_XL_API_31 -no-snapshot-load -qemu

启动后,可以成功执行adb root和adb remount



.\emulator.exe --help


C:\Users\hp\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\emulator>.\emulator.exe --help
Android Emulator usage: emulator [options] [-qemu args]
    -list-avds                                                          list available AVDs
    -sysdir <dir>                                                       search for system disk images in <dir>
    -system <file>                                                      read initial system image from <file>
    -vendor <file>                                                      read initial vendor image from <file>
    -writable-system                                                    make system & vendor image writable after 'adb remount'
    -delay-adb                                                          delay adb communication till boot completes
    -datadir <dir>                                                      write user data into <dir>
    -kernel <file>                                                      use specific emulated kernel
    -ramdisk <file>                                                     ramdisk image (default <system>/ramdisk.img
    -image <file>                                                       obsolete, use -system <file> instead
    -initdata <file>                                                    same as '-init-data <file>'
    -data <file>                                                        data image (default <datadir>/userdata-qemu.img
    -encryption-key <file>                                              read initial encryption key image from <file>
    -logcat-output <file>                                               output file of logcat(default none)
    -partition-size <size>                                              system/data partition size in MBs
    -cache <file>                                                       cache partition image (default is temporary file)
    -cache-size <size>                                                  cache partition size in MBs
    -no-cache                                                           disable the cache partition
    -nocache                                                            same as -no-cache
    -sdcard <file>                                                      SD card image (default <datadir>/sdcard.img
    -quit-after-boot <timeout>                                          qeuit emulator after guest boots completely, or after timeout in seconds
    -qemu-top-dir <dir>                                                 Use the emulator in the specified dir (relative or absolute path)
    -monitor-adb <verbose_level>                                        monitor the adb messages between guest and host, default not
    -snapstorage <file>                                                 file that contains all state snapshots (default <datadir>/snapshots.img)
    -no-snapstorage                                                     do not mount a snapshot storage file (this disables all snapshot functionality)
    -snapshot <name>                                                    name of snapshot within storage file for auto-start and auto-save (default 'default-boot')
    -no-snapshot                                                        perform a full boot and do not auto-save, but qemu vmload and vmsave operate on snapstorage
    -no-snapshot-save                                                   do not auto-save to snapshot on exit: abandon changed state
    -no-snapshot-load                                                   do not auto-start from snapshot: perform a full boot
    -snapshot-list                                                      show a list of available snapshots
    -no-snapshot-update-time                                            do not try to correct snapshot time on restore
    -wipe-data                                                          reset the user data image (copy it from initdata)
    -avd <name>                                                         use a specific android virtual device
    -avd-arch <target>                                                  use a specific target architecture
    -skindir <dir>                                                      search skins in <dir> (default <system>/skins)
    -skin <name>                                                        select a given skin
    -no-skin                                                            deprecated: create an AVD with no skin instead
    -noskin                                                             same as -no-skin
    -memory <size>                                                      physical RAM size in MBs
    -ui-only <UI feature>                                               run only the UI feature requested
    -id <name>                                                          assign an id to this virtual device (separate from the avd name)
    -cores <number>                                                     Set number of CPU cores to emulator
    -accel <mode>                                                       Configure emulation acceleration
    -no-accel                                                           Same as '-accel off'
    -ranchu                                                             Use new emulator backend instead of the classic one
    -engine <engine>                                                    Select engine. auto|classic|qemu2
    -netspeed <speed>                                                   maximum network download/upload speeds
    -netdelay <delay>                                                   network latency emulation
    -netfast                                                            disable network shaping
    -code-profile <name>                                                enable code profiling
    -show-kernel                                                        display kernel messages
    -shell                                                              enable root shell on current terminal
    -no-jni                                                             disable JNI checks in the Dalvik runtime
    -nojni                                                              same as -no-jni
    -logcat <tags>                                                      enable logcat output with given tags
    -no-audio                                                           disable audio support
    -noaudio                                                            same as -no-audio
    -audio <backend>                                                    use specific audio backend
    -radio <device>                                                     redirect radio modem interface to character device
    -port <port>                                                        TCP port that will be used for the console
    -ports <consoleport>,<adbport>                                      TCP ports used for the console and adb bridge
    -onion <image>                                                      use overlay PNG image over screen
    -onion-alpha <%age>                                                 specify onion-skin translucency
    -onion-rotation 0|1|2|3                                             specify onion-skin rotation
    -dpi-device <dpi>                                                   specify device's resolution in dpi (default DEFAULT_DEVICE_DPI)
    -scale <scale>                                                      scale emulator window (deprecated)
    -wifi-client-port <port>                                            connect to other emulator for WiFi forwarding
    -wifi-server-port <port>                                            listen to other emulator for WiFi forwarding
    -http-proxy <proxy>                                                 make TCP connections through a HTTP/HTTPS proxy
    -timezone <timezone>                                                use this timezone instead of the host's default
    -change-language <language>                                         use this language instead of the current one. Restarts the framework.
    -change-country <country>                                           use this country instead of the current one. Restarts the framework.
    -change-locale <locale>                                             use this locale instead of the current one. Restarts the framework.
    -dns-server <servers>                                               use this DNS server(s) in the emulated system
    -net-tap <interface>                                                use this TAP interface for networking
    -net-tap-script-up <script>                                         script to run when the TAP interface goes up
    -net-tap-script-down <script>                                       script to run when the TAP interface goes down
    -cpu-delay <cpudelay>                                               throttle CPU emulation
    -no-boot-anim                                                       disable animation for faster boot
    -no-window                                                          disable graphical window display
    -qt-hide-window                                                     Start QT window but hide window display
    -no-sim                                                             device has no SIM card
    -lowram                                                             device is a low ram device
    -version                                                            display emulator version number
    -no-passive-gps                                                     disable passive gps updates
    -gnss-file-path <path>                                              Use the specified filepath to read gnss data
    -gnss-grpc-port <port number>                                       Use the specified port number to start grpc service to receive gnss data
    -virtio-console                                                     using virtio console as console
    -read-only                                                          allow running multiple instances of emulators on the same AVD, but cannot save snapshot.
    -is-restart <restart-pid>                                           specifies that this emulator was a restart, and to wait out <restart-pid> before proceeding
    -report-console <socket>                                            report console port to remote socket
    -gps <device>                                                       redirect NMEA GPS to character device
    -shell-serial <device>                                              specific character device for root shell
    -tcpdump <file>                                                     capture network packets to file
    -bootchart <timeout>                                                enable bootcharting
    -charmap <file>                                                     use specific key character map
    -studio-params <file>                                               used by Android Studio to provide parameters
    -prop <name>=<value>                                                set system property on boot
    -shared-net-id <number>                                             join the shared network, using IP address 10.1.2.<number>
    -gpu <mode>                                                         set hardware OpenGLES emulation mode
    -use-host-vulkan                                                    use host for vulkan emulation regardless of 'gpu' mode
    -camera-back <mode>                                                 set emulation mode for a camera facing back
    -camera-front <mode>                                                set emulation mode for a camera facing front
    -webcam-list                                                        lists web cameras available for emulation
    -virtualscene-poster <name>=<filename>                              Load a png or jpeg image as a poster in the virtual scene
    -screen <mode>                                                      set emulated screen mode
    -force-32bit                                                        always use 32-bit emulator
    -selinux <disabled|permissive>                                      Set SELinux to either disabled or permissive mode
    -unix-pipe <path>                                                   Add <path> to the list of allowed Unix pipes
    -fixed-scale                                                        Use fixed 1:1 scale for the initial emulator window.
    -wait-for-debugger                                                  Pause on launch and wait for a debugger process to attach before resuming
    -skip-adb-auth                                                      Skip adb authentication dialogue
    -metrics-to-console                                                 Enable usage metrics and print the messages to stdout
    -metrics-collection                                                 Enable usage metrics and send them to google play
    -metrics-to-file <file>                                             Enable usage metrics and write the messages into specified file
    -detect-image-hang                                                  Enable the detection of system image hangs.
    -feature <name|-name>                                               Force-enable or disable (-name) the features
    -icc-profile <file>                                                 Use icc profile from specified file
    -sim-access-rules-file <file>                                       Use SIM access rules from specified file
    -phone-number <phone_number>                                        Sets the phone number of the emulated device
    -acpi-config <file>                                                 specify acpi device proprerties (hierarchical key=value pair)
    -fuchsia                                                            Run Fuchsia image. Bypasses android-specific setup; args after are treated as standard QEMU args
    -window-size <size>                                                 Set window size for when bypassing android-specific setup.
    -allow-host-audio                                                   Allows sending of audio from audio input devices. Otherwise, zeroes out audio.
    -restart-when-stalled                                               Allows restarting guest when it is stalled.
    -perf-stat <file>                                                   Run periodic perf stat reporter in the background and write output to specified file.
    -share-vid                                                          Share current video state in shared memory region.
    -grpc <port>                                                        TCP ports used for the gRPC bridge.
    -grpc-tls-key <pem>                                                 File with the private key used to enable gRPC TLS.
    -grpc-tls-cer <pem>                                                 File with the public X509 certificate used to enable gRPC TLS.
    -grpc-tls-ca <pem>                                                  File with the Certificate Authorities used to validate client certificates.
    -grpc-use-token                                                     Use the emulator console token for gRPC authentication.
    -idle-grpc-timeout <timeout>                                        Terminate the emulator if there is no gRPC activity within <timeout> seconds.
    -waterfall <mode>                                                   Mode in which to run waterfall.
    -multidisplay index width height dpi flag                           config multiple displays.
    -google-maps-key <API key>                                          API key to use with the Google Maps GUI.
    -no-location-ui                                                     Disable the location UI in the extended window.
    -use-keycode-forwarding                                             Use keycode forwarding instead of host charmap translation.
    -record-session <file>,<delay>[,<duration>]                         Screen record the emulator session.
    -legacy-fake-camera                                                 Use legacy camera HAL for the emulated fake camera.
    -no-direct-adb                                                      Use external adb executable for internal communication.
    -check-snapshot-loadable <snapshot name|exported snapshot tar file> Check if a snasphot is loadable.
    -no-hidpi-scaling                                                   Disable HiDPI scaling of guest display on macOS devices.
    -no-mouse-reposition                                                Do not reposition the mouse to emulator window center if mouse pointer gets out of the window.
    -guest-angle                                                        Enable guest ANGLE as system driver.

     -qemu args...                                                      pass arguments to qemu
     -qemu -h                                                           display qemu help

     -verbose                                                           same as '-debug-init'
     -debug <tags>                                                      enable/disable debug messages
     -debug-<tag>                                                       enable specific debug messages
     -debug-no-<tag>                                                    disable specific debug messages

     -help                                                              print this help
     -help-<option>                                                     print option-specific help

     -help-disk-images                                                  about disk images
     -help-debug-tags                                                   debug tags for -debug <tags>
     -help-char-devices                                                 character <device> specification
     -help-environment                                                  environment variables
     -help-virtual-device                                               virtual device management
     -help-sdk-images                                                   about disk images when using the SDK
     -help-build-images                                                 about disk images when building Android
     -help-all                                                          prints all help content

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